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Impactroelite is an agency company, that assist individuals search for jobs in Nigeria and oversea (Canada and UK) such as white caller jobs, digital marketer jobs, baking jobs, web designer jobs, graphic designer jobs, engineering jobs, modeling jobs, and cleaning services jobs . The free process of traveling to the country before paying in installments has come to an end. 30th of June, 2021 The new process is that if you bring people to travel, you get paid ₦50,000 for each person. And if you bring up to ten people, you will receive a free process to work in Canada. The fee for the process to work in Canada UK is ₦3,000,000. It includes lodging fees, agent fees both within and outside the country, and ticket fees. Why is accommodation important ? Because without it, you will not be granted a visa. When you arrive, they want to know where you’ll be staying while working. You can contact customer care via WhatsApp only at 08058104567.
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We also have model jobs available if you are six to seven feet tall, and you can earn up to $ 6000 USD per month as a model.

  • Models for runways
  • Models for magazines

Our engineers earn  $91,700 USD , and you will be tested as an engineer to see how good you are.

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